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Photography tips for beginners

Photography tips for beginners

If you love photography and your just starting out as a beginner in this fascinating world of photography. You will find an overwhelming wealth of information and tips on basic photography all over the internet. Instead of looking up general tips. Look for tips on your specific camera model.
mine happens to be a Canon Rebel T1i 15MP Digital SLR w/ 18-55mm 3x Zoom IS.

If you search for settings or how to set up your camera for specific conditions like night photography or shooting closeups etc…. Chances are there will be someone out there that has done some research on your camera and wrote about how to set it up for different conditions.

What makes the T1i so good for me is how canon improved their ergonomics are over earlier Canon DSLRs. Now it’s easy to just shoot, where previous Canon DSLRs were always a pain. The operation of the T1i is extremely well thought out.

Just tap the SET button and the rear panel comes alive with every possible setting you need to make. This is about two decades ahead of more primitive other models that required you to squint at tiny multi-function buttons on top of the camera. Forget that!

The T1i has a huge, sharp, bright, anti-reflection coated 3″ LCD.

The Canon Digital Rebel T1i is also very light weight, it feels like it’s all plastic, while in fact it has a metal lens mount and is made of very tough plastic. It’s light, and it feels like it could take quite a beating.

A huge but subtle innovation, the first I’ve seen in any DSLR, is that you can hit the PLAY button as you hold the T1i in one hand, making this Canon’s first DSLR certified for single-handed shooting. Other Canon SLRs, including the 5D Mk II, require a second hand to hit the play button to play, zoom and scroll, while you can do all that in one hand with the T1i.

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