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Photography Tips and Tricks

Some of Our Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography is really fun and exhilarating. It’s even easier now than ever to get started because of digital cameras.
We no longer need darkrooms or wait hours to get your prints for your photographs.
Now, you can just start snapping away at anything that sparks your interest.

1st tip? Read through your camera’s user manual thoroughly before taking any photos.
Get the most out of your camera and learn what it can do.

Use the edges of the scene as a guide in composing your photo.
Snap as many photos of the same scene as possible. Some will come out better than others.

When taking portrait photos? Focus on the eyes!
Make lots of mistakes and then learn from them. I know this sounds simple but it’s true when it comes to taking great photos.

Avoid shaking when your taking photos.

Keep both eyes open when looking through the viewfinder.

It’s best to use direct sunlight for great photos.

Panoramic Photography? Most cameras now come with Panoramic Photography settings. Just have fun with it!

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Overexpose your photo in low light.
The lower the frame rate, the more light will enter your lens. And the more light hits your sensor. Try closing down the aperture for a better-exposed image in dark situations.
I hope this helped you with some quick ideas for better photos.

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