Philippines Wedding Photography Done Right

Philippines Wedding Photography and weddings Done Right!

We have all been in a wedding or two and to find out later that someone forgot to clean the lens on their camera, and your new wife’s face resembles a blurry thumb print, your not alone.


For that special moment its best to spend a little extra and get the best wedding photography around.

digital photography is the in thing and its hard to beat. Sometimes you will see the wedding photographer print your photos on the spot and want to charge 50 or 100 Pesos for the photo.
But remember these can age…where as a digital photo lasts forever. The choice is simple…go with digital photography when capturing your wedding.

WEDDING Photography

Unlimited shots from preparation to reception
100 -4R (4×6) color prints
Our wedding Picture DVD ( A collection of all your pictures in DVD )
Our Dream Wedding Show ( A DVD cinematic slideshow of the photographer’s best shots) Standard disk labels are printed using direct CD printing

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