Photo Gallery Software – Must Haves

Trying to find a good photo program that will display your photo galleries in a unique way?Photo Gallery Scripts

A good platform for photo galleries? COPERMINE!

Would have to be my first choice…

Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) is an advanced, user-friendly, picture gallery script with built-in support for other multi-media/data files. The gallery can be private, accessible to registered users only, and/or open to all visitors to your site. Users, if permitted, can upload pictures with their web browser (thumbnail and intermediate sized images are created on the fly during the upload stage), rate pictures, add comments and even send e-cards. The site administrator determines which of the features listed above are accessible by registered and non-registered users. The site administrator can also manage galleries and batch process large numbers of pictures that have been uploaded onto the server by FTP

For me the easy way to desplay photos is through WordPress and a great Plugin called Nextgen.

It seems to do the trick and is pretty strait forward in the admin section of the plugin.

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