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Welcome to PhilippinesPhotography.net. This web site dedicated to digital photographers and photography in the Philippines. I have added my own galleries here along with a upload form for people to upload their favorite Philippines Photos. I’m a Canon digital camera owner, and take pride in taking photos in this beautiful country. This website will exhibit the best that the Philippines Photographers have to offer. I have included photography tips and tricks section to help you in your journey into the digital photography world. I thank you for visiting this site and I hope enjoy your stay here.

Photography has come a long way in the past 10 years with the introduction of affordable cameras and digital photography.
The cost of digital cameras have come way down in price to allow the average person to own a professional SLR camera and take great photos.

Cannon is my camera of choice due to their cameras being universal as far as memory type and connections to USB and so on.
Other camera manufactures offer similar options but when it comes to buying additional memory or a simple USB cable they can be anything but standard. Take Sony Cameras for example, when choosing a Brand like Sony you will have to buy Sony Cables and Sony memory.
This is not the case with Cannon.


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  1. Olive says:

    all lovely pictures for a lovely place…

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